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We all  love drinking sangria at our local Mexican Manchester restaurants! This week, Vallarta Restaurants is celebrating national “fruit cocktail” day, and while a fruit cocktail doesn’t really contain alcohol, we’re twisting things up. After all, nothing is better than fruit + cocktails, and that equals sangria! Add almost any type of fruit to this drink, and you’re in for a sweet and tangy sip that is full of flavor.

We’ve talked about the history of sangria – now let’s make it!

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What Is Sangria?

For those who aren’t sure what sangria is, we’ll just say it’s amazing! Sangria is a drink made with white or red wine, triple sec or liquid sugar, and brandy or liqueur. And, yep – you guessed it – fruit and lots of it! Fruit is added directly to the sangria mixture, or it can “marinate” in the mixture overnight and be removed when serving (although we don’t recommend this!). Finally, add a little fizz to the top by serving your sangria with a fizzy lemon or lime-flavored beverage.

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The Rules Are There Are No Rules!

Well, almost. When it comes to choosing fruit pairings for sangria, it’s always best to pair fruit according to the type of wine (red or white). However, you really can’t go wrong with sangria, so if it tastes good, go ahead and add whatever ingredients you choose! 

A general rule is to have at least two types of fruit in your sangria – one citrus and one that isn’t citrus. To get you started on the basics of sangria, here are a some yummy fruit and wine pairings:

  • Red Wine pairs well with berries, plums, grapes, oranges, and peaches
  • White Wine pairs well with apples, peaches, berries, pineapple, lemon, and lime

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Enjoy Sangria at Your Local Mexican Manchester Restaurant

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a fresh drink or you want to order take-out, Vallarta Restaurants has everything you need! Enjoy our fresh, daily lunch specials, or create a combination dinner with your choice of burritos, tostada, tacos, and more! Add one of our delicious cocktails for a truly delicious entrée! 

Ready to order? Stop by one of our two locations today!