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On December 20th, one of our favorite days here at Vallarta Restaurants in Manchester NH is coming. Any guesses? It is National Sangria day! Our family is inviting you to come celebrate the creation of one of our favorite mixed drinks, the Sangria! 

But for right now, let’s look at the history of the fan-favorite drink that got its own day.


What is Sangria?

Sangria is a mixed alcoholic drink that originated in Spain and Portugal. The drink itself is a sweet or sometimes sour tasting mix of fruits and red wine. However, the name has a surprisingly darker and more serious tone. 

The word Sangria is derived from the Spanish word meaning “bloodletting.” The name was given to the drink due to its deep crimson red hue that comes from red wine. 


Where did the Sangria come from?

Many believe that the early Greeks and Romans had something to do with creating the first versions of sangria. Back during this time period, people mixed their wine with practically anything they had on hand. However, in Spain, the people there were doing almost the same thing. However, Spain had a relatively large amount of grapevines and fruit they were planting around 1,000 B.C.


During the 700s, the Spanish wine business faltered when the Islamic Moors conquered the area in 711 A.D. This meant the end of growing grapes to make their wine. When the Moors rule was ended in 1492, the making of wine returned along with the making of the original sangria mixtures. 


Making Sangria

A traditional sangria is made with Spanish Tempranillo and other wines from Rioja. People began combining fruits such as lemon, lines, oranges, and other citrus fruits to create more of a deep, fruiter flavor. Around the 1700s, another style of the drink was created in England and France using French grapes. They produced different versions of the drink with white wine and club soda and introduced peaches to the large mix of fruits used. 


Celebrating the Sangria, the Vallarta way!

At Vallarta restaurants in Manchester, NH, you can get a classic sangria and many more drink options from our menu. We pride ourselves on making high-quality and authentic Mexican cuisine that will make you think you stepped through a portal that leads across the border. Ready to try one of our unique dishes paired with an unforgettable sangria?

Visit us on December 20th and celebrate National Sangria Day in style!