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There are many mysteries around the world, especially with many foods and dishes surrounding them. Mexican food is one of them. At Vallarta Mexican Restaurants, our team strives to be one of the best manchester restaurants to serve authentic Mexican Cuisine. This comes along with some of the lesser-known facts about Mexican food. 


Tortilla Shells

Did you know that tortilla shells aren’t always yellow? Tortilla shells are actually three different colors that tortilla shells can be found in; yellow, red, and blue. 


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The Creation of the Milkshake

Did you know that the creation of the milkshake may have been thanks to a Mexican beverage? In 1519, the Spanish saw emperor Moctezuma drinking a beverage that was a mixture of chocolate and honey. Later this drink is said to have found worldwide acceptance and was known as a milkshake. 


Mexican Food is Healthy

To many Mexicans and nutritionists, authentic Mexican food is actually considered to be healthy for you. This is because many of the dishes include a perfect blend of all of the food groups between the carbs and the proteins that your body needs. In addition to this, many of the dishes include many vegetables and sometimes fresh fruit!


Popular Foods with Lengthy Histories

Many of the popular Mexican foods that we enjoy today came from centuries ago. Foods like Adobos, guacamole, escabeche, chiles Rellenos, and many more have trails dating back to the Colonial period. 

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The Fajita Craze Started in the 1970s 

Mexican Cowboys in Texas are given thanks for creating the fajita meat that we know and love today. However, it wasn’t until years later that we were given the first printed version of the recipe in 1975. 


Tamales have been around for ages. 

Tamales are considered a food that people centuries ago could have been enjoying. In fact, the word Tamale stems off of the word Tamalii which means “wrapped food.” to the Aztecs. This means that the Tamale has been around for nearly 8,000 years. 


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Authenticate Your Food with Vallarta Mexican Grill. 

At Vallarta Mexican Grill, we like to make sure that we are one of the best and most authentic foods for Manchester restaurants. Not only do we have some of the classics like tacos and quesadillas, but we have specialties that you can only get when you dine with us. 


Visit Vallarta at 791 Second St in Manchester today!