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mexican food near me

What do corn, guacamole, and salsa have in common? Well, probably a lot of things, but what we’re thinking of is that they are the three things that tell if you’ve found good Mexican food. Because they’re so popular, Mexican restaurants are everywhere. But they can’t all be top-notch. So how do you know if the place you picked is a good choice? Here’s how you tell.


These three things will tell you that you’ve found a restaurant that serves great Mexican food.


They use corn.

Corn is an essential ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Before the Europeans brought wheat to the Americas, corn was the staple grain. Now, you won’t find it in every single dish, but it should turn up in a fair amount of sides and in some of the salsa offerings. Perhaps even more importantly, you should look for corn tortillas. Even if you don’t really like them or plan to order them, the very fact that they are an option is a good sign. They are the traditional tortilla option, so they let you know that the restaurant knows takes its food seriously.


The salsa is excellent.

Before you even get a good look at the menu, you get some chips and salsa. The flavor and freshness let you know what’s coming when you order your meal. Salsa is a basic element in Mexican cuisine, so if the restaurant doesn’t get that right, then it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the food. However, if you’re presented with some really excellent salsa, you can expect that what’s about to come is even better.


They make fresh guacamole.

Some restaurants go the extra mile and wheel the guacamole station right up to your table so you can watch them make it. But even if they keep that in the kitchen, fresh guacamole is key to great Mexican food. You can tell just by looking at if your guacamole was made mere moments ago or has been sitting in the fridge for a while.


mexican food near me

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