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February 22nd is National Margarita Day, and our crew is celebrating the day in a big way. We are excited that Margarita day is finally here because it means that we finally get a day to cherish one of our favorite drinks. However, the way the drink was made has a bit of a murky history. Today, Vallarta Mexican restaurants in Manchester are here to tell you how the margarita came to be. 


There are many different stories surrounding the creation of the margarita. No one knows who the actual creator of the drink is, but here are some of the most popular theories.


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Creator #1 Margaret (Margarita) Sames

In 1948, a Dallas socialite named Margaret Sames was throwing a party with her friends. Margaret started by mixing together some of her favorite drinks, Tequila and Cointreau, and made one of the first Margaritas. Another man by the name of Tommy Hilton was also attending the owned a couple of hotels in the area. He tried the concoction and fell in love with the drink. Then, he served the drink at the bars in his hotels.


Creator #2 Francisco “Pancho” Morales

A couple of years before Margaret’s creation, another one spiked up in an El Paso bar. In 1942, Pancho worked in a bar called Tommy’s Place. One day, July 4th to be exact, a customer came up to him asking for a Magnolia. However, Pancho had no idea how to make the drink that he was asking for. He claimed that he threw together some bottles that he had behind the bar, and the rest was history. 


Creator #3 Carlos “Danny” Herrera

While both of these stories sound like they could be true, many say that it does not stand a chance to the oldest record of the drink being made. In 1938, Carlos owned a restaurant in Mexico. One day, Carlos found himself serving a showgirl named Marjorie King. However, she could not drink most types of liquor besides tequila. She even hated the taste of alcohol but desperately wanted a drink. Carlos took the challenge anyways and made her a drink, masking the flavor that it gave with salt and lime. 


Mexican Restaurants in Manchester are Celebrating Margarita Day

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