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Oh, Mondays… Prepare for Taco Tuesday!

No matter where you are from in the world, you have probably come across the term “Taco Tuesday” before. At Puerto Vallarta, we treat Taco Tuesdays like a real tradition and celebrate it by making it one of our many specials. To prepare for it this week, your favorite Mexican restaurants are here to tell you the history of the fan-favorite and the holiday made in dedication to it. 


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How Were Tacos Created

The idea of tacos as we know it today is much different than how it was made thousands of years ago. The original idea is believed to have come from Ancient Mexicans long before the Spanish arrived there. They would make fresh tortillas and wrap them around things like fish and cooked organs. In 1905, the idea of the taco came to America when Mexican migrants were traveling North to work on the rail systems. They brought some of the flavors of Mexican food with them, which were then sold on the streets of LA. 


The Change

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The change to the recipe that made the taco came by 1920 when the Mexican version began to mingle with some of the American ingredients such as cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and more. This was where the switch from organs to beef or chicken came into play too.


“Tacos de Minero”

The word taco comes from a completely different origin than one may think. The word is believed to have originated with Mexican miners in the 18th century. Then, miners used gunpowder wrapped in paper. This contraption resembled what we know as the “taquito.” This was then placed into the rocks right before they were set to be demolished. As you now know, tacos were already making their way through the working class, which in fact, included these miners. This eventually resulted in the food being named “tacos de minero,” or “miners taco.”


The Beginning of Taco Tuesday

One chain, Taco John’s, claims to hold the legal claim of the phrase ‘Taco Tuesday.’ This claim came sometime between 1979-1983, but the term was being used far before. You can find advertisements for Taco Tuesday specials that date back to 1930!

In fact, White Star Cafeteria made a week-long offer to let people know they were serving Mexican tacos each Tuesday. Long story short, it is hard to place a true origin to where the term came from and who truly made it. It could even be possible that it could have been created with multiple places around the exact timing.


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Taco Tuesday at Puerto Vallarta

If you are looking for a Manchester restaurant that serves authentic Mexican food, you have found the right place. At Vallarta Restaurants, our family is passionate about making authentic food and delicious drinks for our guests.

And, did we mention that every Tuesday, we host a Taco Tuesday special! Yes, we’re excited too! Visit us this Tuesday and get tacos for a dollar.  Join us Tuesday at 865 Second Street in Manchester for the best tacos in the Manchester area!