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If there’s one drink that embodies the spirit of celebration and relaxation, it’s the classic margarita. Since National Margarita Day is coming up on February 22nd, there’s no better time to try your hand at this classic cocktail. But crafting the perfect margarita requires more than just a good recipe. It’s all about selecting the right tequila to complement your other ingredients. With so many available options, choosing the ideal tequila can be a daunting task. Fear not! The team at your favorite Mexican restaurants in Manchester, NH, is here to help.


Here’s a guide from our team at Vallarta Restaurants in Manchester, NH, to help you choose the best tequila for your margaritas.


Know Your Tequila Types

Before you start, you need to understand the different types of tequila. Tequila is generally categorized into three main types: Blanco (Silver), Reposado, and Añejo. Blanco tequilas are unaged and showcase the pure essence of the agave plant with a crisp and vibrant flavor profile. Reposado tequilas, aged between two months and one year, add complexity with a subtle hint of oak. Añejo tequilas, aged for over a year, bring a rich and smooth character, making them ideal for sipping.


Tequila Flavor Profiles

The flavor profile of your chosen tequila should complement the other components of your margarita, such as fresh lime juice and triple sec. The different types of tequila have different flavor profiles, but so do different brands. Experiment with different brands to find the flavor profile you like best. Some tequilas may have citrus or peppery notes that can enhance the overall complexity of your cocktail, while others will take a backseat and let your other ingredients take the lead.


Quality Tastes Different

Another factor to consider is the quality of the tequila. Opt for 100% agave tequila to ensure a pure and authentic taste. Cheaper mixtos, which blend agave with other sugars, have a harsher flavor and can give you an unpleasant hangover. But you don’t need to break the bank to purchase quality tequila. While there are premium tequilas that offer unparalleled quality, there are also excellent mid-range options. Because you are mixing it with other ingredients, mid-range tequilas are actually preferable for making margaritas.


Enjoy Margaritas at Vallarta Restaurants in Manchester, NH

Take a break from searching for the perfect margarita tequila and come to Vallarta! Enjoy our authentic Mexican food and our hand-crafted margaritas. You might even get some inspiration for your own recipe!


Get some friends together and visit one of our two locations in Manchester. You can also order online to enjoy our food at home!