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Welcome to Our Blog!


Hey there,


If you are familiar with the Vallarta Mexican restaurant duo, you already know that there is always something exciting happening. If you are new, welcome! Either way, we’re excited you found one of our newest endeavors – our new website with the addition of our blog page!



Now, if you are like many people, you are probably wondering what in the world a blog is and how it pertains to you. Well, that is precisely why this page is here – to answer your questions! The Vallarta blog will provide our guests with an inside look at authentic Mexican cuisine. From national dishes to easy at-home recipes, looks at a few of our favorite cocktails and understanding traditions and holidays – this page will provide it all!

We are on Facebook too!

While we provide an inside look here, be sure to hop over to Facebook and follow the Vallarta restaurants. There, you will find the most recent happenings, daily specials, and real-time photos sure to get your cravings (and thirst) going! Whether it’s Puerto Vallarta Mexican Grill or Nuevo Vallarta Mexican Restaurant … maybe both … you won’t want to miss what we have in store!


We hope that you will check back frequently and enjoy the posts to come! It will take some time to build our library – and we promise we have much to share! So, sit back, grab your favorite Mexican drink, and enjoy!

As always, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you soon!


~ The Vallarta Family