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Did you know that the first quesadillas weren’t actually made with cheese? We were surprised when we first learned that, too! Despite their name meaning “little cheesy thing,” the earliest quesadillas were filled with pumpkin, mushrooms, and spices. That doesn’t bear much resemblance to the quesadillas you’d find in your favorite Manchester restaurants today. At Vallarta Restaurants, you’ll find quesadillas with a wide variety of fillings, though we don’t think pumpkin will be on the menu!


Let’s find out how the quesadilla became what we know and love today!


Mexican Origins

We mentioned that quesadillas originally didn’t have any cheese and were filled with squash rather than meat. But when did that change? Like so many things in Mexico, the change came with the arrival of the Spanish. In the 1500s, Spaniards brought sheep and cows to Mexico. These animals are the source of something very important: milk. With the arrival of dairy, Mexicans started adding cheese to their food, starting the transformation into the Mexican food we know today.


Tortilla Transition

Cheese isn’t the only thing that the Spaniards brought to Mexican food. Before Europeans came to the New World, tortillas were made from corn. Wheat was not a crop grown in the Americas until the Europeans introduced it. Once they did, the people of Mexico discovered that flour tortillas were a good alternative to corn and easily become crispy when toasted.


Quesadillas Today

When you order quesadillas at your favorite Manchester restaurants, there are plenty of variations, but they all start with the same base: a tortilla filled with melted cheese. One of the most common additions to the basic quesadilla is meat, such as grilled or shredded chicken, steak, and chorizo. Vegetarian versions with squash or spinach are also common. At Vallarta, you can get a mushroom quesadilla and harken back to this food’s delicious origins!


Manchester Restaurants: Get Authentic Mexican Food at Vallarta!

Are you hungry for quesadillas yet? If so, you’re in luck! We have plenty of options at Vallarta, so you’ll definitely find something you’ll like. Check out our menus and bring home some takeout, or come with your friends and family and enjoy a delicious meal together!


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